Essay on high performance organizations

Business organization - Management and control Distribution is the movement of a good or service from the source to the final customer, consumer, or user. This process is made through a distribution channel for example wholesalers and retailers.

Essay on high performance organizations

Essay on high performance organizations

Management A High Performance Organization is an organization that achieves results that are better than those of its peer group over a longer period of time, by being able to adapt well to changes and react on these quickly, by managing for the long term, by setting up an integrated and aligned management structureby continuously improving its core capabilities, and by truly treating the employees as its main asset.

We can also define High Performance Organization as the combination of self-managing work teams, employee involvement, total quality management, flexible production practices, and a learning orientation.

As it is the task of every manager to realize the goals of the organization by achieving outstanding performance in the organizational unit he or she is responsible for, managers are Essay on high performance organizations great pressure to deal effectively with trends and developments.

The management of organizations is primarily interested in those factors that are important for achieving consistently good results. Characteristics with regard to the organizational design, structure, processes, technology, leadership, people, and culture, and the external environment which seem to influence the ability of organizations to achieve high performance ,can guide managers as to which actions they need to take to lead their organizations to superior results.

By identifying the characteristics of HPOs, organizations hope to be able to improve themselves in a focus way so they can start achieving sustainable performance. A HPO simplifies and flattens the organization by reducing boundaries and barriers between and around units, thus getting rid of bureaucracy and organizational complexity.

A HPO sets clear, ambitious, measurable and achievable goals which raise levels of aspiration and thereby create a sense of stretch by new innovationsprocesses and services thus constantly creating new sources of competitive advantage by rapidly develop new products and services to respond to market changes.

Managers of excellent organizations are honest, decisive, action-oriented, performance-oriented, effective, self-confident and have a strong leadership style. Only make commitments that are aligned with the core values as it is essential to achieve sustainable high performance.

The more training given to employees, the more committed they will be to the organization. Effective training program can lead to greater employee commitment and less employee turnover and hence more stable workforce.

Employees of HPO believe their senior leadership team goes out of their way to acknowledge and thank people for their contribution.

A HPO should have a level of commitment with their customers, if they did not, they would not survive. Those customers then become vocal supporters which breed new customers and further success.

There are no ready-made recipes for attracting and retaining talent. Sasken decided that the three most important aspects of the organization were competence, commitment and character.

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The organization ensured competence by hiring the best talent. To build affective commitment, it worked on its purpose of creating brand India and unleashing Indian creativity by harnessing technology potential and demonstrating its concern. Elaborated on the trends emerging in the global market.

Most of the high performance companies such as Apple, Toyota, General Electric GEIBM and Google have proved that management systems that encourage commitment and competence of people achieve greater productivity.

Organizations which pay more attention to HPO factors and score high on these consistently achieve better results than their peers, in every industry and sector. HPOs pay considerably more attention to the designated aspects of long-term commitment than non-HPO organizations, and are therefore able to improve their performance significantly.

All HPO factors are interrelated. It should be kept in mind that, because organizations and environments are continually evolving, improvement in ideas and practices need to be adapted to the times. HPO managers are flexible and creative enough to not let such a downfall happen so that they can make and keep their organization world-class.

Challenges that A HPO can face could be: Need to be aware that outputs include not only the product or service provided, but also impact on quality of life of organizational members, impact on society through activities. Smooth integration of all components needed might not be easy because of the following: Resistance from employees e.High Performance Organization (HPO) Framework.

The High Performance Organization (HPO) Framework is a conceptual, scientifically validated structure that managers can use for deciding what to focus on in order to improve organizational performance and make it sustainable.

A high performance team (HPO) is "designed to bring out the best in people and achieve sustained high performance." (Schermerhorn, ) By maximizing the ability of their team to do their best and achieve higher performance levels, managers maximize their chances of success. Excerpt from Essay: high performance work system as an organization where every element of people, technology and organizational structure is highly integrated, fitting well together as a smoothly-functioning whole (Chapter 16).

One company that has fostered a high performance work system is FedEx. outcomes, transformational leadership is needed in all organizations (Tucker & Russell, ).

According to Aarons (), “Leadership is associated with organizational and staff performance” (p. . Organizational Behaviour Essay- Groups and Teamwor For Later. save. Related. Professor Tracy McDonald also endorses the above facts that groups and teams take an organization to the next level of high performance and output through motivation, creativity and responsiveness and states that "The teamwork push probably started in business.

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Organizations are still struggling to move to high performance environments. While less complex innovations such as self-managing teams have been implemented, HPWS is still lagging behind.

As aptly pointed out by Gordon () it seems the transformation is right around the corner it still remains elusive.

Improving Ethics Quality in Health Care Ethical Leadership Fostering an Ethical Environment & Culture. Authors. (as defined in VA’s High Performance Development Model), it offers practical suggestions for how leaders can support ethical practices in their organizations. Organizations are still struggling to move to high performance environments. While less complex innovations such as self-managing teams have been implemented, HPWS is still lagging behind. As aptly pointed out by Gordon () it seems the transformation is right around the corner it still remains elusive. Identify the elements of a high performance team and a learning organization Custom Essay Must be % original, Must pass plagiarism check, Must have citations, Must have references, Must be .
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