Fin exam

Time Exceeded field Explain: The router uses a hop limit field to determine if the packet has expired, and does not have a TTL field. Fill in the blank.

Fin exam

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Front Back What is about making decisions: Finance What is generally defined as those activities that create or preserve economic value of the assets of an individual, small business, or corporation? What is the movement of money from lender Fin exam borrower and back again? What is an institution that acts as a "middleman" between borrowers and lenders?

Corporate finance What are generally thought of as the acitivities centering on buying and selling of assets, both real and financial? Investments What are physical assets such as property and buildings or comodities such as Fin exam, oil, or gold?

What are intangible assets such as stocks and bonds? What are organized financial intermediaries and the forums that promote the cycle of money?

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What are the four main areas of finance? What are the four financial asset markets? What markets are where currencies are bought and sold? Foreign exchange What financial assets that will mature within the year they are bouhgt and sold, and these assets are short-term loans, sometimes for as short as a day or two?

Fin exam

Also these assets are long-term loans and may include bonds or stocks? In what market, many securities are sold at the same time to many buyers?

What three main categories make up financial management? Capital budgeting, capital structure, working capital management What is the process of planning, evaluating, comparing, and selectin the long-term operation projects of the company? Capital budgeting What is the means by which the company is financed; for public companies, usually a mix of bonds debt and stocks equity sold to investors and owners?

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Capital structure What is the process of managing the day-to-day operating needs of the company through its current assets and current liabilities often referred to as the short-term financing activities of the company?

What is the type of business that is owned entirely by an individual? What is the type of business owned jointly by two or more individuals? Who operates a partnership type business daily?

Who participates only in certain aspects of a partnership? Who participates in a partnership only as investors?

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What is the key advantage of the corporate organization that the shareholders or owners have? What are the owners of the business referred to as? What are the managers referred to as in a business?

What are things of economic value the company owns? Liabilities What is the third section of the balance sheet and is what the owners receive after the liabilities have been satisfied?A final examination, annual, exam, "final interview" or final is a test given to students at the end of a course of study or training.

Fin exam

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