Minor thesis wageningen university

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Minor thesis wageningen university

Using the colour characteristics lightness, chroma and hue of the green alga Ulva lactuca as a proxy for nitrogen content to develop a new tool to monitor ecosystem nutrient impacts integrated over time Kasper is working with us for a 16 week internship, as part of his MSc in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

He will be continuing the work of Jonathan Day to determine if there is a correlation between thallus colour expressed in lightness, chroma and hue and nitrogen content in the green alga Ulva lactuca sea lettuce.

Kasper started at Wageningen University where he studied for his BSc in biology.

Kasper Brandt

After finishing most of his courses, he decided that only knowing the aspects taught in biology was not enough. He also wanted to know more about the real-world applications of the theories he had learned. This led him to obtain a second BSc in the field of animal sciences, which focused on the husbandry of animals, with specialization in marine animals.

Minor thesis wageningen university

After obtaining his two BSc, he continued to study at Wageningen University in the field of aquaculture, as part of his MSc degree. For his main thesis, he studied the effect of cell-wall strength on the digestibility of microalgae as a feed ingredient for Nile tilapia. Considering algae to be an interesting food- and feed source for the future, he wanted to know more about algae.

This led him to the University of New Brunswick, Saint John, where he is working on macroalgae for his minor thesis.This research will be conducted at the Department of Soil Quality of Wageningen University. MSc thesis - Plant Physiology Wageningen University & Research. septiembre de – enero de 5 meses.

Wageningen, the Netherlands Minor in "Sustainable Agriculture and Consumption"Title: PhD candidate at Wageningen . - Minor thesis: Exploring the current uses of biomass streams with potential to be used as animal feed. Available at: ph-vs.com Wageningen University & Research. Wageningen University.

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Visitar perfil. Ver insignias de perfil. Buscar a otra persona de Title: PhD researcher. The distinction between a Major and Minor thesis is based on whether the thesis is written as part of the specialization programme and related chair group or whether the thesis .

The selected courses contributed to the Bachelor's degree as they were part of the individual Minor Biological and Environmental Engineering. Courses at the chairgroups of Biological and Environmental Engineering, as well as Microbiology and Plant Genetics were taken to complement the program Biotechnology at Wageningen ph-vs.com: PhD Candidate | Bioprocess .

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Minor thesis wageningen university

On this page you can see the list of all the bachelor minor programmes Wageningen offers in the first and second semester of the academic year At Wageningen UR Livestock Research I worked as a researcher system innovations to facillitate and stimulate the transition towards a more sustainable animal based food ph-vs.com: PhD 'Design for System Innovation'.

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